Below is a sample of the original videos I've directed and produced for including the video series "American Freedom Stories"

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American Freedom Stories

American Freedom Stories chronicles the personal struggles and triumphs of those who were a part of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama and Mississippi during the 1950s and 1960s. 

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Harriet Tubman - Statue 

Artist Alison Saar created a memorial statue to Harriet Tubman in Harlem to honor all that she did and the many lives she saved.

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. - Statue 

A short video about the statue dedicated to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. in Harlem.

Louis Armstrong - Little Rock Nine

In an era of marches and sit ins, vocal advocates for African-American rights questioned Louis Armstrong dedication to their cause. But in 1957, after seeing the Little Rock Nine, Louis Armstrong makes his voice heard.

Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World 

"What a Wonderful World" has become one of Louis Armstrong’s most popular songs. Louis Armstrong recorded reel to reel tapes describing what he thinks of whenever he sings this memorable tune.

The Lincoln Room at Keens Steakhouse

"The Lincoln Room" in New York's famous Keens Steakhouse features a wide collection of memorabilia of the 16th president, including a playbill from the night of his assassination.