Hello! About me sections tend to be formal. But that's not me. So instead let's just talk.


I work as a director, producer, and writer for History creating digital video content.

Equally as important to me is what I do outside of work as a mental health advocate.


I've produced and directed hundreds of digital videos for BIO and History at A+E Networks. for the BIO website where I produced and directed over one hundred digital documentary and educational videos for BIO.com’s profiles, including a 23 part series about the civil rights movement in Alabama. From BIO, I moved on to History where I now produce and direct a wide range of show support and documentary content for History’s brand site, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and broadcast. Anything from an animated video about Washington's vision for America, an explainer on how the Spanish Flu was deadlier than WWI, a six part series on a wild bison rancher, to the story of Deb Haaland, one of the first Native American Congresswomen.


Storytelling is at the heart of what I do, in any project. It's about communicating, and doing whatever you can to share stories no one else might hear.

This is where mental health comes into play. 

I have Anxiety, Depression, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. All things that carry a great degree of misunderstanding and stigma. It's why I speak openly online about these challenges, and want to work to further the conversation surrounding mental health.

You can read more about my story under the Mental Health section.

I've had people tell me not to mix my mental health challenges with my professional life.

But I know what it's like to suffer in silence and I won't live in a world that perpetuates that notion. So, this is who I am. A creative director and producer living with mental health challenges, doing whatever he can to help dispel stigma and tell stories.

It's nice to meet you. Let's talk.


These are not my dogs, nor is this my library.
But it's a pretty happy image.

Proficiencies: Directing, Producing, Editing, Skilled Interviewer, Creative Writing, Story Research, Idea Development, Budgeting, Editorial and Brand Strategy

Technical Skills: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Proficient with Sony FS7/Canon c300/DSLRs

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